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CIF&AF 71 Block 1

Date: Apr 15, 2023
Starts: 15:00
Ends: 18:30
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CIF&AF 71 Block 1

Phoenix Theatres Lennox Town Center 24

Phoenix Theatres Lennox Town Center 24

777 Kinnear Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43212
United States
Celebrating filmmakers for 71 years. This is the first block of the Columbus International Film and Animation Festival 71's in person screening. CIF&AF 71
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Friendship Friendship


Friendship is the story of two childhood friends who bond together despite their different personalities and ethnicities. The short film spans their lifelong journey and portrays how they sustain their connection through challenges, celebrations, and the test of time.
6 minutes
Vegeversary Vegeversary


A rabbit's friends take her on a meat-bender to celebrate her vegan-anniversary. They hitch a ride to town and indulge in all kinds of foods she avoids all year long. The evening has its ups and downs. Her friends reward her with a soy-based breakfast in the morning.
4 minutes
Ambitus Ambitus


Joseph Lifchitz, once the most promising young American jazz trumpeter, now lives his last days alone and forgotten in his room in the middle of Paris. Torn apart by the loss of the love of his life, a pianist, he wants to compose one last music piece in her memory; but he does not have much time, and grief and illness prevent him from finishing. Until one night, when a piano starts playing over Paris. Joseph starts a race between music and time, to finally finish the work of a lifetime.
15 minutes
Our photo memento Our photo memento

Our photo memento

A late couple’s photo is installed on a wall. The Old Lady comes to life and notices her husband in the photo next to hers. They, now both alive, try to get closer. Accidentally, they manage to do so.
6 minutes
Demi-Gods Demi-Gods


What is the human experience of war, narcissism and ecological destruction? Demi-Gods addresses these three dark aspects of humanity in the form of a musical and visual essay. It shows our worship of these dark forces, which have now become normalized and fetishized. A furtive look from us mortals at the mechanics of the dark demi-gods of our time; turned into a surreal sequence of sonic and visual transformations.
6 minutes
Abby Abby


Abby is physically trapped inside of a body that does not function due to Cerebral palsy. She cannot speak and her body does not move the way it should move. Abby has a profound love for all animals. She trains and communicates with dogs without speaking. The animals understand Abby better than people can.
13 minutes
Fade Into You Fade Into You

Fade Into You

A narrative music video for the band American Football.
7 minutes
Midnight Garden Midnight Garden

Midnight Garden

A short film about a girl and her dog taking a walk downstairs in the middle of the night. In the silence of the sleeping city, their memories and imagination flew.
4 minutes
Shadow of the Night - The Documentary Shadow of the Night - The Documentary

Shadow of the Night - The Documentary

The Documentary

‘Iravin Nizhal Making’ is a documentary style film, giving a front seat view of the struggles and challenges behind creating the World’s First Non-Linear Single Shot Film Iravin Nizhal. With voiceovers by its writer, director, producer and lead actor Radhakrishnan Parthiban, the film has behind the scenes footage, footage from the actual film and interviews of its cast and crew.
This path breaking effort was filmed through an enormous set consisting of 59 set-ups, with over 300 actors including children and animals, 150 technicians, numerous costumes and make up changes, 50 years of time periods, special effects like rain and fire, all beautifully choreographed into a single shot and achieved after a whopping 90 days of rehearsals.
Despite numerous rehearsals, numerous surprises and challenges propped up for the crew that they had to overcome with improvisation and creativity. The documentary follows the crew’s emotional experience of pulling off all-consuming feat and take number 23 is the final film, a ‘never before’ experience.
30 minutes
Quiet chatter Quiet chatter

Quiet chatter

This film is a music video for composer E's song "Quiet chatter", and is a stop-motion animation work created by visual artist Yuko Knatani expressed static foods such as vegetables and fruits graphically.
These vegetables and fruits looks like playing happily or chatting about something important.
6 minutes
It's Spring... It's Spring...

It's Spring...

Aram Amatuni is a retired special forces spy who has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting his country and to creating a lawful government. His son, Gnel, is a successful businessman who to this day hasn’t forgiven his father for putting the needs of his country before the needs of his own family. This conflict between father and son reaches its climax when Amatuni’s grandson, a talented violinist who has the opportunity to study in one of the best European music academies, inspired by his grandfather’s ideology goes against his own father’s wishes and enlists in the mandatory military service from which his father has freed him using all of his connections.
The unexpected war further severs the father-son relationship, leading Amatuni to take a road of no return.
105 minutes
Of Wood Of Wood

Of Wood

"Of Wood" is a unique experimental stop motion film created by progressively carving images in a large round of wood, enhanced with wooden objects coming out of the wood. It examines the role of wood in daily life through the ages and comments on the impact of consumerism on our lives.
7 minutes

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