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Block 1
Celebrating filmmakers for 71 years. This is the first block of the Columbus International Film and Animation Festival 71. CIF&AF 71
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Ambitus Ambitus


Joseph Lifchitz, once the most promising young American jazz trumpeter, now lives his last days alone and forgotten in his room in the middle of Paris. Torn apart by the loss of the love of his life, a pianist, he wants to compose one last music piece in her memory; but he does not have much time, and grief and illness prevent him from finishing. Until one night, when a piano starts playing over Paris. Joseph starts a race between music and time, to finally finish the work of a lifetime.
15 minutes
Beauty Queen Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

Set in the Philippines during World War II, a young woman struggles to find purpose after losing her father.
18 minutes
The Block The Block

The Block

What is it like to live on the longest block of one of the most progressive cities in America? Inventively funny, absurd and surprising, this mixed media film redefines what it means to coexist with others in a perpetually changing neighborhood.
25 minutes
Bodywork Bodywork


A theater actor with crippling body image insecurities must face his greatest fears when he is asked to perform nude on stage in his dream role.
18 minutes
Midnight Garden Midnight Garden

Midnight Garden

A short film about a girl and her dog taking a walk downstairs in the middle of the night. In the silence of the sleeping city, their memories and imagination flew.
4 minutes
Of Wood Of Wood

Of Wood

"Of Wood" is a unique experimental stop motion film created by progressively carving images in a large round of wood, enhanced with wooden objects coming out of the wood. It examines the role of wood in daily life through the ages and comments on the impact of consumerism on our lives.
7 minutes
Saigon Souls Saigon Souls

Saigon Souls

“Saigon Souls” captures a state of mind. You are Saigon-ese if you think that you are, whether you just arrived, just returned or have been living here your whole life.

The art film is a journey into finding the soulfulness of its makers - the Saigon people and the landscape that constantly reinventing itself.

This piece comes straight from the hearts and visions of two Saigonese, Vicki was born here and Robin has been living in Saigon for over 5 years. They experience the ups and downs, the opportunities, and flourishing spirits of this city like no other. To them, Saigon is not like Paris, Tokyo, or Shanghai. The city is always in-the-making, rough, and chaotic, literally in the physical sense. As you take a ride through the city, there are high-rise buildings and independent shops in between marshlands and public constructions. However, the city’s unchanged element is the people in it. Hence, we want to make Saigon Souls a platform to celebrate the local talents, artists, musicians, craft makers, designers, and many more individuals… etc that make the city unique. Without any stylistic set designs, and meticulous art direction, Saigon Souls wants to capture the rawness and unapologetic, relentless spirit that people in Saigon have.
4 minutes
Rockin Baker Rockin Baker

Rockin Baker

Daymara Baker walks away from a senior position at a multinational brand to bake bread and change the world of the neurodiverse. Rockin’ Baker Academy is a workforce development program that provides cadet bakers with intellectual disabilities a comprehensive set of marketable skills that translate easily to the culinary industry and many other jobs. Rockin’ Baker and Rockin’ Baker Academy were created by founder/CEO and chief foodie Daymara Baker for the purpose of empowering lives. Kneading together a fun community of changemakers, immersive entrepreneurial education, on-the-job skills training and some wit to taste, Rockin’ Baker is intent on breaking the cycle of poverty for families. Rockin’ Baker sells European-inspired baked goods, all lovingly created by underserved yet deserving people on the path to self-sufficiency.
16 minutes
The Tree The Tree

The Tree

"The Tree" draws attention toward environmental concerns, such as deforestation and its effects on wildlife and our ecosystem. The film has won the "Best Experimental Short Film Award" at the 2022 North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival.
8 minutes
Up in Smoke Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

A zany character has his first day operating a mobile crematory service.
5 minutes
Vagrant Vagrant


Throughout Italy, dogs are abandoned casually. In rural Sicily, one man saves the dogs he can, especially those being poisoned.
20 minutes
The Lobster Whisperer The Lobster Whisperer

The Lobster Whisperer

This is an intimate portrait of a craftsman and lobster fisherman. Michael Sullivan is a 5th-generation fisherman living on Quebec's Gaspé coast in Canada. He has tasked himself to build 200 wooden traps during the cold, dark winter months. When Michael is not fishing lobster, he is thinking about how to fish lobster.
57 minutes
Citizen Miriam: Santuario Citizen Miriam: Santuario

Citizen Miriam: Santuario

Follow Honduran immigrant Miriam Vargas' quest to avoid deportation from Columbus, Ohio. Ordered by ICE to leave the US after 14 years of residency, and the birth of two daughters, Miriam took sanctuary in a church for nearly three years. Learn about the horrid and dangerous conditions in gang-controlled Honduras neighborhoods, convoluted and xenophobic immigration policies, and her treacherous but increasingly hopeful path to liberty.
30 minutes
Epoch And Scope Epoch And Scope

Epoch And Scope

Hear what it hears, and see what it sees. But seeing is not necessarily true, hearing is even more false. However, all things are empty. Heaven and earth grow out of the universe, and life is between heaven and earth. No matter the spirit or the soul, a person is just a breath that travels around the world. Take the body as the world, and live life after life.
5 minutes

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