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Available: Apr 15, 2023 04:00
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Block 3
Celebrating filmmakers for 71 years. This is the third block of the Columbus International Film and Animation Festival 71. CIF&AF 71
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It's Spring... It's Spring...

It's Spring...

Aram Amatuni is a retired special forces spy who has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting his country and to creating a lawful government. His son, Gnel, is a successful businessman who to this day hasn’t forgiven his father for putting the needs of his country before the needs of his own family. This conflict between father and son reaches its climax when Amatuni’s grandson, a talented violinist who has the opportunity to study in one of the best European music academies, inspired by his grandfather’s ideology goes against his own father’s wishes and enlists in the mandatory military service from which his father has freed him using all of his connections.
The unexpected war further severs the father-son relationship, leading Amatuni to take a road of no return.
105 minutes
Bella Bella


A feature-length film about the life, work, influence and impact of California-based choreographer/Arts Activist Bella Lewitzky. Described as " of the greatest American dancers of our age," (Walter Terry) Bella Lewitzky was a talented, strong, out-spoken artist, who dedicated her creative life to protect the rights of every American citizen.
98 minutes
Abby Abby


Abby is physically trapped inside of a body that does not function due to Cerebral palsy. She cannot speak and her body does not move the way it should move. Abby has a profound love for all animals. She trains and communicates with dogs without speaking. The animals understand Abby better than people can.
13 minutes
Our photo memento Our photo memento

Our photo memento

A late couple’s photo is installed on a wall. The Old Lady comes to life and notices her husband in the photo next to hers. They, now both alive, try to get closer. Accidentally, they manage to do so.
6 minutes
Robie Robie


A robot student starts his school life in the robot school to learn the skills of a robot assistant. He feels inferior to his classmates at the beginning because he looks different from them and fails to do well in class. He tries to blend in and learn to do better but finally realizes that his talents are not those repetitive movements but the comprehension of knowledge and emotions.
10 minutes
Language Unknown Language Unknown

Language Unknown

This film embraces plant sentience as fact and speculates how beings of the vegetal variety might approach interspecies communication with humans (who are far more sensorially limited). Leaves, mycelium, and roots playfully examine how humans experience the world, and the (supposedly) silent watchers consider what language those swift blurs of human might possibly understand.
6 minutes
Anany Anany


"Anany" is a music video that displays certain phases after realizing you are your own victim and killer, by giving away too much for others that take advantage of you. Through a self leather dance by the hero and the voice, a silenced story is told.
4 minutes
Moving Out Moving Out

Moving Out

A young college student still lives at home with her parents in Oceanside, California. In love with her best friend who has just married another woman, she becomes confounded by faith and ultimately must risk telling her parents who she really is in order to save herself.
12 minutes
Tall Order Tall Order

Tall Order

At the height of the Prohibition, an unorthodox detective takes the mafia head-on.
5 minutes
Distance Distance


< Distance > portrays our shared memories - social distancing. It reveals what medical staff undertook during the early Covid-19 time, and how they sacrificed their family time for a better world.
5 minutes
Chimera Chimera


A small-town nobody, Felicity Fury, spends every day making the most of her alternative life in virtual reality completing simple objectives in the great city of Sunscape! One day she comes out of the game to find her dirtbag boyfriend Logan has used the last of the cartridges, which use a concentrated dose of dopamine to keep players happy and hooked on the game. She gathers what little money she has to go acquire a new cartridge but she’s been plugged in too long; not only have they been recently declared illegal unbeknownst to her but she is beginning to dissociate. In other words, her reality is glitching. What is real and what is not? As she chases down a cartridge she discovers that happiness is not a product she can easily purchase. Rather, happiness is a product of the mind.
25 minutes

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