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Block 4
Celebrating filmmakers for 71 years. This is the fourth block of the Columbus International Film and Animation Festival 71. CIF&AF 71
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Wrought Wrought


A stunning visual exploration of matter in various states of microbial transformation begs fundamental questions about human cultures’ complicated relationships with other species.

Wrought begins with that universal moment of disappointment: despite all best efforts, our food has gone bad! But instead of turning away in disgust, Wrought zooms in, approaching the usually hidden world of decay with curiosity and stunning time lapse photography. Spoiling dinner leftovers bloom with successions of geometric bacterial colonies. Yeasts churn and froth in the torrential flood of juice leaking from a decaying melon. Cheese is slowly engulfed by carpets of furry, green mould. But, the narrator asks, would rot by any other name still reek?

In answering this question, Wrought unfolds a larger story about the ways humans create categories for the world around us that can be limiting. It explores (and challenges) terms like spoil, ferment, compost and rot as it coaxes audiences to decompose these categories and their associated binaries: self and other, human and non-human, and nature and culture. As the film title implies, we are all forged out of the relationships that transgress such binaries; we are all, indeed, wrought.
19 minutes
The Itinerant Teacher The Itinerant Teacher

The Itinerant Teacher

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Zarathustra returns in the shape of a female travelling teacher seeking shelter at the country house of a well-to-do family. But philosophical thought and petit-bourgeois mentality prove to be an explosive mix…
91 minutes
Shadow of the Night - The Documentary Shadow of the Night - The Documentary

Shadow of the Night - The Documentary

The Documentary

‘Iravin Nizhal Making’ is a documentary style film, giving a front seat view of the struggles and challenges behind creating the World’s First Non-Linear Single Shot Film Iravin Nizhal. With voiceovers by its writer, director, producer and lead actor Radhakrishnan Parthiban, the film has behind the scenes footage, footage from the actual film and interviews of its cast and crew.
This path breaking effort was filmed through an enormous set consisting of 59 set-ups, with over 300 actors including children and animals, 150 technicians, numerous costumes and make up changes, 50 years of time periods, special effects like rain and fire, all beautifully choreographed into a single shot and achieved after a whopping 90 days of rehearsals.
Despite numerous rehearsals, numerous surprises and challenges propped up for the crew that they had to overcome with improvisation and creativity. The documentary follows the crew’s emotional experience of pulling off all-consuming feat and take number 23 is the final film, a ‘never before’ experience.
30 minutes
American Boy American Boy

American Boy

A personal history of a 95-year-old man, told through the object in his house and explored by his great grandson.
31 minutes
Ángulos de la Hora (Hour Angle) Ángulos de la Hora (Hour Angle)

Ángulos de la Hora (Hour Angle)

After their flight is grounded, two strangers agree to an anonymous tryst as their new travel plans are arranged. When the brief encounter wanes to an end, the impermanence of their time together is mirrored by something greater.
16 minutes
Andy "A Dog's Tale" Andy "A Dog's Tale"

Andy "A Dog's Tale"

An uplifting story of how one puppy overcomes a series of obstacles to find his purpose in life.
8 minutes
Quiet chatter Quiet chatter

Quiet chatter

This film is a music video for composer E's song "Quiet chatter", and is a stop-motion animation work created by visual artist Yuko Knatani expressed static foods such as vegetables and fruits graphically.
These vegetables and fruits looks like playing happily or chatting about something important.
6 minutes
Someone I Knew Someone I Knew

Someone I Knew

A man attempts to come to terms with a traumatic event in his childhood.
13 minutes
The Long Distance The Long Distance

The Long Distance

A college freshman drives seven hours to visit his girlfriend at another school, only to be broken up with as soon as he arrives. Unsure what to do next, he spends the rest of the night getting roped into various unexpected situations by a wide array of eccentric characters.
77 minutes
Exotic Dimensions "A Maiden Made Not of Clay" Exotic Dimensions "A Maiden Made Not of Clay"

Exotic Dimensions "A Maiden Made Not of Clay"

The setting of this story is early modern Ireland. Many battles broke out. The bard harper plays harp with recalling his memories. His mind is stuck in the past without noticing the truth.

*long synopsis version
The setting of this story is early modern Ireland. Many battles broke out.
The lonely bard harper was stuck in the past memories and kept playing the harp to calm himself. He kept following his sorrow for having lost his lover in the war and couldn't be happy.
The beautiful butterfly flying around him was out of his sight. When he saw his lost lover's illusion, and it disappeared, his emotion exploded with anger for her death in the ridiculous war.
After he blasted out all his emotions, he got some space in his mind. His mind was back to the present and noticed there was a butterfly flying around him.
He received telepathy from the butterfly that the butterfly was his lost lover, their beautiful memories were still alive in her, she didn't vanish but became phantasmagoric,
and see and support him from everywhere. When he knew the truth, his emotional scars were healed and he was released from the past and decided to live brightly for the future.
6 minutes

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